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Happy Mouth; Happy Body

Did you know that your oral health can give you valuable insights into the health of the rest of your body? We all understand that a healthy diet and regular exercise are crucial to our bodies’ long term health. However, recent research shows that poor oral health can lead to much more than tooth aches […]

Will Dentures Make Me Look Older?

Some patients put off getting dentures because they fear dentures will make them look older. Although dentures may affect your appearance, you’ll be happy to hear they often make our patients look younger. It’s becoming more common for patients to choose dentures for aesthetic purposes in addition to their many health benefits. A rejuvenated smile […]

Dry Mouth & Dentures

Saliva plays a vital role in keeping our mouths happy and healthy. For most people, saliva isn’t something that crosses their minds often. However, people with dry mouth (also known as Xerostomia) understand the difficulties associated with a lack of saliva — it can be painful and make it difficult to eat and speak.  These […]

Denture Stomatitis: What is it & How can it Be Prevented

Denture stomatitis (also known as denture sore mouth) refers to excessive pain, irritation, redness, and inflammation in the mouth. It can interfere with the patient’s ability to eat, sleep, or speak — making it a rather large inconvenience for affected patients.  Like many other oral health complications, denture stomatitis can be avoided with proper oral […]

How to Extend the Life of Your Dentures

Some patients are concerned about how often they will need to get their dentures refitted or purchase new dentures entirely. The answer depends on many factors including the patient’s age, health, state of their natural teeth, type of denture, and more.  With that being said, you should reasonably expect your dentures to last a minimum […]

Managing Expectations and Mindset With New Dentures

Entering a new stage of life can be scary, especially when these changes involve your health. For many new denture users, the idea of making lifestyle changes is intimidating.  Many of these fears can be mitigated by embracing the challenges and seeing the overall positive effect dentures will have on your life.  In today’s article, […]

Staying Active With Dentures

If you live an active lifestyle and are considering getting dentures, you may be concerned about how they may affect your ability to exercise.  The good news is that as long as your dentures are fitted properly, they shouldn’t interfere with physical activities — in fact, dentures may even help you stick to your workout […]

Famous People With Dentures

People of all ages and walks of life rely on their dentures every day to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. In fact, they’re probably much more common than you may believe.  According to The American College of Prosthodontists, 36 million Americans suffer from edentulism (complete tooth loss) and 120 million Americans have at least […]

My Dentures Make Me Gag, What Do I Do?

A new set of dentures can come with their challenges, most of which can be easily overcome with practice or a simple adjustment. Sometimes, dentures can stimulate the gag reflex, which can make eating and speaking difficult.  Are you experiencing gagging with your dentures? Don’t stress. Gagging is a common side effect of new dentures […]

How Do Dentures Over Implants Improve Denture Function?

Denture technology is constantly improving. One of the greatest innovations in denture technology comes in the form of dentures over implants. By surgically inserting anchor points into the patient’s jaw, we can vastly improve the fit, comfort, look, and function of new dentures. Many of our patients report a greater level of confidence and freedom […]

Can I Repair or Reline My Own Dentures?

Your Denturist has likely given you expert advice on how to properly care for and maintain your new dentures. However, we understand that accidents can happen and your dentures may be damaged in their lifetime.  Your mouth will also change over time which means your dentures will need to be relined to fit comfortably.  At […]

Speaking Confidently With Dentures

Learning how to speak with dentures may take some time but will become second nature with practice. Some words and sounds may take longer to master than others — particularly those including the letters “s” and “f”.  Dentures may also change the way your voice sounds in your head. The sound of your voice travels […]

Is It Necessary to Remove My Dentures Overnight?

One of the most common questions we get at The Denture & Implant Centre is “can I leave my dentures in while I sleep?” On the surface, leaving your dentures in overnight may seem harmless and more convenient — we can’t remove our natural teeth while we sleep, so why should I take out my […]

Unexpected Benefits of Brushing Your Teeth Regularly

Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly is key to extend the life of your teeth. Regular maintenance and visits to your dentist can prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar, and reduce the risk of oral infections. A healthy looking smile also gives you a boost in confidence so you can socialize without worry.  You […]

Why We Only Use Name Brand Products & Technologies

The Denture & Implant Centre is committed to providing our patients with the highest level of service and comfort possible. In order to ensure that our patients leave happy after every visit, we only partner with the latest and greatest names in denture technology.  By choosing the most respected names in the industry, The Denture […]

How Often Should I Be Screened for Oral Cancer?

When our patients come in for their free consultations, our team of professional denturists are looking for more than just tooth decay, gum disease, or bacterial infections. One of the most important parts of our oral examination involves looking for oral cancer.  Oral cancer occurs when cells on or in our tongue, lips, mouth, and […]

What Are the Long Term Health Effects of Missing Teeth?

Our adult teeth are built to last long after we’ve lost our baby teeth. Unfortunately, people sometimes lose their adult teeth — often due to factors outside of our control. Some of the primary reasons people lose their adult teeth include genetics, disease, bacterial infections, accidents, or decay. Adult teeth are permanent which means that […]

Denture Engraving — Protect Your Investment

Denture engraving is an easy and inexpensive way to save our patients hours of stress and thousands of dollars in the event that dentures go missing. When dentures are misplaced, it can cause unnecessary worry and distress — especially for our patients that rely on their dentures on a daily basis.  Once the patient’s name […]