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Visit The Denture & Implant Centre for Some Sound Sleep

Do you wake yourself or partner at night with your snoring?

Do you wake suddenly because you have stopped breathing while sleeping?

These and other occurrences are signs of severe snoring or obstructive sleep apnea, and The Denture & Implant Centre may be able to help. Dental sleep appliances, similar to mouth guards for teeth grinding, may help you avoid invasive surgery or cumbersome machinery. Consult with our denturists about the SUAD™ Device, from Strong Dental in Leamington, ON, and a complete custom treatment package. Call us today for an appointment and information for a night’s sound sleep and learn how to avoid the risks of sleep apnea and sleep deprivation, including:

  • Increased risk for high blood pressure
  • Falling asleep at work or when driving
  • Learning and memory problems
  • Morning headaches and fatigue
The Denture & Implant Centre
Denture & Implant Centre Red Deer

Centrally Located in Red Deer Alberta

Also serving surrounding areas in Central Alberta, Rocky Mountain House to Coronation and Airdrie to Leduc.